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These films share the stories of coastal faith communities who are facing the impacts of the climate crisis and building spiritual and physical resilience in response. You We also have a toolkit for you to host a screening with your congregation or community. 

Reflection Questions

  1. What part(s) of this documentary surprised you most? What did you learn?

  2. What did these films stir in your soul?

  3. Which issues presented in the video are your familiar with? Which are new? Which have you felt in our congregation?

  4. Were there particular passages of the Bible that this documentary reminded you of? 

  5. Where do you see your faith community engaging in creation care and justice? Did this documentary inspire you to take new action? If yes, what are some of the actions you might take as a faith community?

  6. What is the Church’s responsibility to the planet? To others? What do you believe our legislators (state and federal) should be doing to help slow the climate crisis?

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